Your questions

1. Is it necessary the borrower to be the real owner of the property, offered as collateral, or may be represented by a proxy?
The borrower must be real owner of the collateral and need to sign the contract in person.

2. Are there options for the repayment schedule?
Apart from equal installments and paying monthly interest and at the end the principal, we offer also flexible repayment schedules.

3. What property could be taken as collateral?
As collateral could be taken immovable property (i.e. plots, houses, agricultural land) and only for legal entities- equipment and vehicles.

4. What documents are necessary for applying for consumer/ quick loan?
Only ID card, proof of income and guarantor.

5. Is proof of the income required for secured loans?
We are interested in the actual monthly income of the customer.

6. What fees appear by applying for loan and signing the contract?
In case of a secured loan there is one time due management fee. In addition the notary fees need to be paid by the borrower. There is no applying fee.

7. What documents are required to apply for loans with collateral/ business loans/ personal loans/ agricultural loans?
The Initial documents, based on which we can give an answer whether you are approved or not, are: application for loan, notary deed, scheme, short description of the business (for legal entities);

8. What amount could be disbursed for start-up business?
The maximum loan amount is BGN 10 000.

9. Should the borrower has the whole possession over the property, offered as collateral, or common parts are accepted as well?
We do not accept common parts as collateral; all owners (if they are more than one) need to take part in the mortgage.

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SIS Credit with rating BB-
We are proud that SIS Credit is among the little Bulgarian non-bank financial institutions that have been rated. In 2016 we received an institutional rating BB- with stable outlook, set by the international rating agency Microfinanza rating.

Borrow wisely campaign

In reliance to many request for help from clients regarding unscrupulous financial institutions, we decided to write down some valuable advices to you. Learn how to avoid being in a position to deal with disloyal institution and what to look at by signing a contract.

SIS Credit has received high score in a compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct assessment. The final report prepared by Microfinance Center- Poland shows that SIS is developing in line with the international standards in the microfinance sector.