About Us

SIS Credit JSC is a microfinance institution, established in 2006, that provides loans up to EUR 25000. The company is registered by the Bulgarian National Bank according to the Law governing credit institutions in Bulgaria and has a certificate, issued by the Commission for personal data protection for administrator of personal data.

Focus of our activity is put on funding of start-ups, support of agricultural producers and provision of wide range of business loans.

Our team strives to offer professional and customer tailored service and to work in compliance with the best European practices in microfinance. Since 2012 SIS Credit is a member of Microfinance Centre, organization that brings together more than 100 microfinance institutions from Europe and Asia. The aim of this union is to contribute to poverty reduction and development of human potential by the access of financial services.

In 2013 SIS Credit became part of the European Microfinance Network family. By this very important step for us we hope to contribute to the development of microfinance sector in Europe by cooperation with other European financial institutions, regulatory bodies and investment funds.

We are a The The Smart Campaign endorser and support the idea that clients need to be kept on the first place in microfinance.

In 2012 SIS Credit has become a JASMINE beneficiary under an initiative of the European investment fund. As a consequence we received a rating, as well as technical assistance, and our team was educated in implementing in our activity of proofed standards in the sector.

After the launch by European Commission of European Code of Good Conduct for Microcredit Provision (The Code), SIS Credit has been striving to implement The Code step by step in its activity. In July 2014 the Board of Directors of SIS Credit signed the official declaration of commitment stating that all of the requirements of the Code shall be implemented within 18 months as of the signature date.

Meanwhile, SIS Credit has been selected by Microfinance Centre as partner in a project surveying the level of compliance of the European-based MFIs with European standards for good governance and customer care. The final report revealed that SIS Credit was developing in line with the standards in microfinance sector by 81% (weighted average) compliance with the Code.

SIS Credit is also one of 15 selected MFIs to participate in a 2015 publication of European Microfinance Network named European Good Practices in rural microfinance.

In 2015 SIS Credit has been selected by the European Investment Bank as a beneficiary under EaSI Technical Assistance program. As a result in June 2016 the company received an institutional rating BB- with stable outlook set by the international rating agency Microfinanza rating.

SIS Credit is part of the Sofia-based Financial group SIS.

SIS Credit with rating BB-
We are proud that SIS Credit is among the little Bulgarian non-bank financial institutions that have been rated. In 2016 we received an institutional rating BB- with stable outlook, set by the international rating agency Microfinanza rating.

Borrow wisely campaign

In reliance to many request for help from clients regarding unscrupulous financial institutions, we decided to write down some valuable advices to you. Learn how to avoid being in a position to deal with disloyal institution and what to look at by signing a contract.

SIS Credit has received high score in a compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct assessment. The final report prepared by Microfinance Center- Poland shows that SIS is developing in line with the international standards in the microfinance sector.