Law on credit institutions

The Law on credit institutions and Ordinance 26 of the Bulgarian National Bank are the main legal documents that govern financial institutions in Bulgaria and ensure the stable and reliable financial system in Bulgaria.

Ordinance 26

Each financial institution that is supervised by the Bulgarian National Bank is due to send regularly information to the Central Credit Registry in accordance to Ordinance 22.

Ordinance 22

Main laws that regularize clients rights are the Law for protection of personal data and the Law for protection of consumers.

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SIS Credit with rating BB-
We are proud that SIS Credit is among the little Bulgarian non-bank financial institutions that have been rated. In 2016 we received an institutional rating BB- with stable outlook, set by the international rating agency Microfinanza rating.

Borrow wisely campaign

In reliance to many request for help from clients regarding unscrupulous financial institutions, we decided to write down some valuable advices to you. Learn how to avoid being in a position to deal with disloyal institution and what to look at by signing a contract.

SIS Credit has received high score in a compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct assessment. The final report prepared by Microfinance Center- Poland shows that SIS is developing in line with the international standards in the microfinance sector.