Clients’ rights

Our goal is to provide quality customer service and our clients to be well-informed when choosing a financial product. For us is crucial the relationship between Creditor and Client to be forged on the basis of trust, loyalty and ethics principles.

SIS Credit supports The Smart Campaign initiative that is focused on promoting customer-focused service, provided by the microfinance institutions worldwide.

That’s why we consider that the document that we have elaborated and lists the main clients’ rights is the first step for more responsible and transparent service by non-bank financial institutions in Bulgaria.

Make yourself familiar with your rights as SIS Credit’s customer and begin insist in good customer service from the financial institutions- they exist because of you!


1. To be threaten with respect and understand by all our employees;

2. To rely on confidentiality, security, accuracy and integrity of personal data and financial information;

3. Repay their loan partially or in its entirety without incurring extra costs within 14 calendar days of the signing of the agreement, without having to give a reason or withdraw within 14 calendar days of the signing of the credit agreement;

4. To acquire relevant and timely information for the due amount regarding the contract. This includes a free official document not more than once a month and informal information in all of our offices every working day from 9 AM to 6 PM.;

5. To ask for non-calculating of penalties in case of not more than one installment due and well-founded reason;

6. By admitted failure in installment payment to receive advice from SIS Credit’s employees what are the possibilities for getting back to repayment schedule;

7. The right to complain about dishonest attitude by employees, frauds or every other irregularity directly to the Internal Control Department via email: or via official complaint letter to: 1000 Sofia, 61 Vitosha blvd, 2nd fl. and to rely on the fully investigation and timely resolving of the problem;

8. To receive any information needed in understandable manner prior signing the contract; every question could be asked to employee on field or to the Loan experts in Headquarters.

9. To receive a Standard European form for initial information about all expenses related to the loan contract prior taking a Personal loan;

10. To make an official complaint in case of noticing irregularities in accordance to the Consumer protection law directly to the Commission for protection of consumers;

11. To be consulted about the loan affordability and if there is risk for him for over-indebtedness;

12. To receive free advice from the companies of Financial group SIS;


For more information regarding your rights, please contact us on: +359 2 9801619 or e-mail:

SIS Credit with rating BB-
We are proud that SIS Credit is among the little Bulgarian non-bank financial institutions that have been rated. In 2016 we received an institutional rating BB- with stable outlook, set by the international rating agency Microfinanza rating.

Borrow wisely campaign

In reliance to many request for help from clients regarding unscrupulous financial institutions, we decided to write down some valuable advices to you. Learn how to avoid being in a position to deal with disloyal institution and what to look at by signing a contract.

SIS Credit has received high score in a compliance with the European Code of Good Conduct assessment. The final report prepared by Microfinance Center- Poland shows that SIS is developing in line with the international standards in the microfinance sector.